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7th January 2019

Happy New Year! And we're off to a great start with an exciting new project. Can't wait to get started.

21 December 2018

Christmas is upon us already. Our office will be closed until 7th January 2019. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday. 

14 September 2018

New project on the go. Feeling refreshed after a wonderful summer break.

16 April 2018

Busy, busy - loving the work we're doing at the moment! 

5 March 2018

This year is flying by! We've recovered from the freezing temperatures and now feeling warm and fuzzy after the lovely feedback from the PMA. 

31 January 2018

Snowdrops and longer days; Spring is on the way. 

19 January 2018

We're doing some exciting and very worthwhile work with the PMA, bringing development opportunities to practice managers. 

11 January 2018

And we're back feeling refreshed and loaded with sunny Vitamin D! Looking forward to working with you all throughout the year. 

01 January 2018

Happy New Year to you all! Wishing you a happy, healthy and successful 2018.

22 December 2017

Time to shut shop for the Christmas period. We're using the opportunity to take a well-earned rest and head to the sunshine. Work will commence in early January.

14 December 2017

Take a look at an article I co-wrote on changes to CQC inspection

21 August 2017

Goodness, where has the summer gone? We've been so busy, there hasn't been time to keep you updated. We are here though, so do get in touch if you think we can help. 

20 June 2017

Fabulous feedback from Nadia at Cello. Thanks so much Nadia. It was an absolute pleasure. 

19 June 2017

Melting here in the office. It may be time to move outside and find a shady corner. 

01 June 2017

Working in respiratory care again! Feeling at home. 

09 May 2017

I guess it's been quiet here but only because we've been so busy. We've just received more fabulous feedback. How wonderful! 

30 January 2017

January is turning out to be a good month for good feedback. Thanks, Di. It was a pleasure working with you too. 

24 January 2017

Receiving positive feedback is so uplifting. We're very grateful to the PMA for their kind words. 

17 January 2017

A busy start to the year which is always a good thing. Hoping you're all enjoying the gorgeous sunshine we're getting today.

3 January 2017

Happy New Year and welcome back! Looking forward to working with you this year. 

23 December 2016

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas break. Enjoy! 

16 December 2016

Loved working on a respiratory project - it had been a while! Very nice new clients too.